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The Best Aftershave From Each Fragrance Family

The Best Aftershave From Each Fragrance Family

No outfit is complete without a spritz of your favourite aftershave, whether you’re leaving the house or not. It’s the ultimate accessory, adding to your individual style and personality. However, with so many different men’s aftershaves to choose from, how do you go about finding one that you love?

There are 4 major scent families to choose from, and each aftershave is categorised into one of them depending on the notes used to make the fragrance. You might already have a favourite type of scent, or you might be looking for something a little different.

Whatever you’re hoping to find, we’ve put together some of the best aftershaves from each of these scent families to help you narrow down your search!

Fresh aftershave

Fresh fragrances are typically characterised by citrus and green notes, and often zesty and vibrant. They usually have a herbal and crisp scent that can be very uplifting, making them a perfect choice for everyday wear.

One of the best examples of a fresh aftershave is Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey. First launched in 1994, it has become a timeless scent that is powerful yet delicate. Green notes of tarragon, coriander and sage work together with citrus scents of orange, lemon and bergamot, before giving way to saffron, cinnamon and woody notes to finish.

Capturing the very essence of a fresh aftershave, it is the perfect everyday scent. It’s no wonder this fragrance has continued to be popular over the years.

Floral aftershave

You might not associate floral scents with men’s aftershave, but it can work wonders. Floral fragrances are characterised by a heart of sweet notes derived from some of the most well-known flowers. While in women’s perfume they can be light and delicate, floral notes in men’s aftershaves are typically more complex and intense.

YSL Kouros demonstrates how to effectively use floral notes in a men’s fragrance. With a strong start of bergamot, coriander and sage, the fragrance moves into a heart of gardenia, jasmine and carnation. This is offset beautifully with woody notes of patchouli, leather and vanilla. The complex combination of notes results in a floral-based perfume that loses none of its masculinity in the process.

You may also come across aftershaves described as ‘fruity’; these scents are usually an ideal middle ground between the fresh and floral families.

Woody aftershave

Woody fragrances are very common amongst aftershaves. They can be split into two groups; mossy woody notes with earthy, sweet undertones, and dry woody notes which offer a smoky, leathery scent. It is for this reason they are often favoured more in men’s fragrances than women’s, and it also results in great fragrances to wear during day or night.

A popular example of a woody aftershave is Hugo Boss Bottled. This is a classic and sophisticated aftershave that continues to unfold as you wear it. Opening with citrus notes for a refreshing hit, the aftershave moves into a heart of geranium, cinnamon and cloves. It finishes on a decidedly woody base of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver that balances the fresh top notes perfectly.

Oriental aftershave

Oriental fragrances are the best choice for wearing in the evening, as they are naturally a little exotic and spicy. Oriental aftershaves often give off an air of luxury, with rich floral and woody based choices. You will also find a great range of oriental perfumes for women too.

Oriental aftershaves are quite strong and explosive, leaving a lasting impression. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is one such example of this, with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper for an intense opening. It has a heart of saffron, cinnamon and paprika, providing a spicy and exotic element to the fragrance. Spicebomb finishes on a base of vetiver, tobacco and leather for a powerful and masculine end.


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