What Does Your Scent Say About You?

What Does Your Scent Say About You?

Making a good first impression is so important. How you dress and present yourself will affect how you are remembered but one of the first things that people notice about you, is your scent. Without realising it, the perfume you choose to represent yourself can say a lot about your personality. It is believed that there is a big connection between our scents and who we are as people.

Citrus Fragrances

Citrus Scents 

It is thought that citrus and fresh ingredients that dominate the smell in a fragrance, such as Calvin Klein’s Eternity and Tommy Hilfigers’ Girl Citrus, support mental activity and prompt creativity. If you tend to opt for this type of scent, you are probably the type of person who jumps out of bed in the morning and is ready to take on the world. You most likely never forget somebody’s birthday and are extremely organised. These scents would be great for wearing in an interview or important meetings, to show that you mean business. 

Woody Fragrance

Woody Scents

Woody and fresh scents, such as Chanel Coco and Mr Burberry are perfect for somebody who is the outdoorsy type as these smells often remind people of nature. They are believed to be worn by extroverts, outspoken and natural born leaders who will most definitely be setting trends instead of following them. If you are attracted to these fragrances you are probably known for being cool, rocking the best outfits and having the most inspiring Instagram feed.

Spicy Fragrance

Spicy Scents

Spicy, warm and rich fragrances such as Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men have been found to be worn by people who are effortlessly assertive and are usually mysterious and powerful.  The author of The Psychological Basis of Perfumery, Paul Jellinek, believed that these scents are also often worn by people who are realistic and practical. If you are looking to give off confidence and sex appeal, these scents are definitely for you.  

Floral Fragrances

Floral Scents

If you are more of a hopeless romantic who loves old classics, floral and softer scents such as Marc Jacob’s Daisy Dream might be more suitable for you.  It is believed that these scents are worn by more sensitive people who are often cautious when making big decisions. You are also most likely to be especially considerate of others and value your friendships. Like the scent, you will never go out of style. 

Fruity Fragrance

Fruity Scents

You would think that people who wear fruity scents, such as DKNY Be Tempted, would be just as sweet as the smells they are sporting but research has shown that they are usually quite irritable and moody. However, you are most likely the first one at a party and the last person to head home. You epitomise fun and love a good old flirt every now and then. 

Which will you choose?

Choosing your scent is just as important as what you write on your Instagram bio, it says a lot about you. You want to make sure it doesn’t turn people off and that it compliments who you are as a person.

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