Why Unisex Fragrances are the New Biggest Trend in Perfumery

Why Unisex Fragrances are the New Biggest Trend in Perfumery

The fashion and beauty industries have been heavily influenced by gender neutrality over the years, with men’s and women’s styles crossing over effortlessly. In previous years, floral fragrances were created for women and woody scents for men, with a clear-cut gender line. Fragrances have always been categorised by gender, but times have changed and now unisex fragrances are becoming more popular, as well as women and men wearing the opposite gender’s scents.

This isn’t a new concept, but is certainly a more prevalent one; think CK One launched in 1994, a unisex fragrance the defined the decade. So, why have unisex fragrances started to emerge more frequently in the beauty industry?

The rise of gender fluidity

In recent years, younger generations are exploring new ways to express and identify themselves. Fragrance brands are recognising this by creating scents that don’t necessarily specify a gender, such as Byredo.

The gender categories will always exist, offering a clear way to shop for fragrance. However, there are many scents that include very feminine notes in masculine fragrances, offering that natural crossover. For example, orange blossom is very common in men’s aftershave despite being a very feminine scent; the same goes for lily-of-the-valley.

There is a strong trend in fashion and beauty of women wearing male products; think boyfriend blazers or oversized t-shirts. Fragrances by brands like Acqua di Parma may be labelled as men’s colognes, but their fresh and zesty scents also appeal to women.

Fragrance is a very powerful way of expressing your personality and style. Perfumes can be very addictive and have the ability to evoke emotions or bring back memories. The lines can become easily blurred, with people basing their decision on the scent itself and not the gender it is advertised for.

Shop the best unisex fragrances 

Here are some of the best unisex fragrances that you can find now on Perfume  Direct.

Jo Malone fragrances are intended to be unisex, with beautiful combinations such as basil and neroli, or wood sage and sea salt. Fresh and modern, there is a full range to choose from.

Many Tom Ford fragrances can be worn regardless of gender. The brand’s debut fragrance, Black Orchid, is a perfect example. Created with jasmine, blackcurrant, bergamot, orchid, patchouli and vanilla, the fragrance doesn’t scream masculine or feminine. Its spicy and decadent scent unfolds with dark florals, rich fruits and a woody base, working for everyone equally.

Penhaligon’s fragrances also offer unisex choices, inspired by the wild elements of the British landscape. This very British brand has created some best-selling unisex perfumes, such as Blasted Bloom; an aromatic-spicy scent created with wild berries, English rose, pink pepper and cedarwood.